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Visit Exmoor Sunny 18° Vacant and ONLY £199 A Week

Currently 18° Exmoor Blue Bird, Challacombe

Looking for somewhere to escape everyday life? Relax and Enjoy this weeks glorious sunshine? Why not come visit Exmoor? Currently 18° Exmoor Blue Bird, Challacombe is currently VACANT and Only £199 a week!

Call us on 01598 763477 to arrange your stay

Located within walking distance of The Black Venus Inn and Challacombe Store. A perfect central base for exploring Exmoor & North Devons vast array of attractions and fantastic beaches.

Watermouth Harbour

Looking over to Watersmeet, Lynmouth

Sunset over Exmoor Blue Bird

Meet our baby chicks and feed our friendly sheep

Our Chicken Nursery

Nearby Brendon Common

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