Review of the Week – The Exmoor Forest Inn 1 Star Rating – Poor Service

The Exmoor Forest Inn; Simonsbath. Poor Service 0 STAR REVIEW.

Review of the Week – The Exmoor Forest Inn 1 Star Rating

Star Rating: 1

Poor Service at The Exmoor Forest Inn; Simonsbath – Our apologies and withdrawal of our previously high recommendation’s

It is with much regret that we must withdraw our previously high recommendation’s of The Exmoor Forest Inn – Simonsbath, Exmoor. Our previous experiences always a positive with organised and pleasant staff, however the evening of Saturday 26th August we visited The Exmoor Forest Inn as part of our follow-up procedure on referrals. With high hopes and the intention of writing a positive review of both food and service we believed the establishment continued to uphold, we were unable to do so.

The Exmoor Forest Inn; Simonsbath. Poor Service 0 STAR REVIEW.
The Exmoor Forest Inn; Simonsbath – Empty Seating – Orders Refuesd!

Upon arrival the restaurant had a good selection of empty tables to which we confirmed with a member of waiting staff were vacant and requested a menu. We then  proceeded to purchase drinks to accompany our meals. Whilst paying for the drinks a gentleman informed bar staff they had arrived with a party of 20, the bar manager seemed a little flustered however proceeded to seat them after processing the change.Over the course of 15 minutes after returning to our table, we continued to request a menu from the three waiting staff ignored twice, to be then told abruptly “Just a minute”.

By which point we began to feel our custom was not valued, finally informed we would not be able to order our meals at all due to the table of 20 that had arrived after our purchase of drinks, confirmed table and requested menu. The time just 8pm with a number of other empty tables both inside and in the garden area and still an hour until the advertised end of evening meals. I queried this with the member staff, explaining we were happy to wait. She then returned from discussing with her managers, upon her return she bluntly repeated her previous statement with no apology or explanation to why they had seated us, misleadingly sold drinks to accompany meals or to why they were not able to take food orders for two when there were still several empty tables to the one we occupied.


Empty Tables at The Exmoor Forest Inn, Food orders refused an hour before advertised.

Clearly un-welcome at The Exmoor Forest Inn, we opted for The Black Venus Inn, Challacombe where we were made to feel as welcome as ever. Always a firm favorite serving locally sourced,fresh produce but most of all offering visitors a friendly atmosphere. Despite having no tables and an estimated hour wait until food we were happy to be gratefully received. A note of our table requirements were made and we were soon seated. We enjoyed yet another fabulous meal, of Besshill Steak & Cajun Chicken.

Subsequently a telephone call was made to The Exmoor Forest Inn to discuss the standard of service received offering a final chance to provide some explanation of this evenings service before posting this review and removing them from our list of recommendations. However before expressing any prospective on the matter, the “Owner” to which i was led to believe i was in dialect with proceeded to discontinue the call with no response.

In conclusion we can or no longer recommend The Exmoor Forest Inn to guests and will therefor be withdrawn from the recommended stops on the heart of Exmoor route, and all our publications. We would like to take this opportunity to apologies to any of our guests who have experienced a similar service through our recommendation’s at The Exmoor Forest Inn.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services to both our clients and guests, we also expect the same of those organisations we promote through our concierge services and recommendations to local attraction’s, stores, restaurants. and services. Our aim to portray and direct a true taste of the South West to holidaymakers visiting our region, where possible sourcing small, local, establishments with a similar ethos to ourselves.

The Exmoor Forest Bar; Simsonsbath
The Exmoor Forest Inn Bar; Simsonsbath


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