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Review – Sutton Ambassador pea seeds we planted just over two weeks ago

Our Smallholding on Exmoor

Remember the Sutton Ambassador pea seeds we planted just over two weeks ago?

Suttons Ambassador Pea Seeds, product description –

Grows well and has resistance to disease

Use fresh or frozen, this ‘Onward’ type pea is high in vitamin C and tastes delicious! Vigorous, with a high level of disease resistance (eg Powdery Mildew, Fusarium, etc.). Height 70cm (28″). Second-Early/Maincrop Variety.

They are growing well! Having started them off indoors on the windowsill they are now big enough to transfer outside.

We decided to replant in a large pot, spaced approximately 2.5cm apart.

To support the canes we secured them using three Bosmere bean pole rings which clip together.

Creating a sturdy support for the growing plants to climb.

Due to our free ranging hens we wrapped the pot with some netting, as new shoots are especially tempting!

Grow to eat

Ok so we are by no means gardening experts, I learnt most of my knowledge from my grandparents who favoured flowers over food crops. However I am pleasantly surprised by our pea plants so far, eagerly awaiting the first tasting!

Suttons Super Seeds!

So far our pea seeds have excelled our expectations, a super speedy germination period with clear shoots visable after just a few days. Now just over two weeks old they are strong, healthy plants growing fast!

Growing your own?

Are you busy growing your own food to eat? Do you have any tips to share or a product you would like us to try? We love to hear from you!

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