Local Holiday Appeal, Support for Grenfell Tower Fire Victims

Holiday Appeal; The Grenfell Tower Fire; 14th June 2017;
The Grenfell Tower Fire Disaster – 14th June 2017

Local Holiday Appeal, Support for Grenfell Tower Fire Victims, the 24 storey, public housing building in North Kensington, West London. That caught a blaze causing a major fire. Resulting in a high number of casualties and fatalities. The tragic events that devastated London on 14 June 2017, have left many questions but more importantly people traumatized having lost their friends, family, neighbours, homes and possessions.

Compassion swept the nation, with donations and support for the victims of the fire and those who risked their lives that day.

Local North Devon friends kay Gilbert and Angie Mays of Ilfracombe, well known for their warm hearts and charitable acts of kindness soon set to work organising and campaigning through social media for holiday accommodation; days out; meals and any other treats for victims of the disaster as well as the emergency services who risked their lives and worked so tirelessly.

Angie Gilbert and Kay Mays
Local friends Kay Mills and Angie Gilbert

Local support from businesses, services and the local community soon started pouring in, a heart warming show of compassion and support for those in need.

Would you like to offer your support? Do you have accommodation; products or services to which you wish to contribute? Join The Grenfell Tower Holiday Appeal; Facebook group, or donate through the dedicated just giving page where you will find more details and will be able to offer your support.

To show our support we would like to welcome families for two; four night complementary breaks at Exmoor Blue Bird; A perfect rural retreat; within walking distance of The Black Venus Inn; Challacombe.

If you are a victim of The Grenfell Tower Fire and would like to stay at Exmoor Blue Bird, holidays may be taken anytime during September; October and November. Please contact us via our website or email we will be happy to help.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost loved ones; friends; neighbours and the brave emergency services whom as always risked their own lives to save others in the face of such chaos. 

Register your Support for The Grenfell Tower Fire Holiday Appeal

Angie and Kay’s Holiday Appeal

Register your Support and Donations for The Grenfell Tower Holiday Appeal Here! With now over 1,000 donations of holiday accommodation; days out; meals products and services already been contributed through Angie and Kay’s Holiday Appeal Facebook page! Logistically this is Read more

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